Agra Diary by Martine Clausen PSM teacher from Holland

The beginning 
Delhi, 31st October, 2.50 am 
The first day of the seminar

Home again
Today was a day of people leaving and getting our luggage sorted, paying the hotel for phone calls etc. I was afraid that my suitcase would not close, but I managed it after all.
Tonight dinner was in the garden on our side of the hotel. We had dinner with Judy, Canna and Christine, then went to the room. A disco party was to be held. Then there were fireworks. Beautiful, but I wondered about the cost, I could not help thinking about the poor people on the other side of the fence. However from our balcony we had a lovely view. The music made us feel like dancing and we danced on the balcony and the people down in the garden waved at us. We already had our pyjamas on, but Sheereen said: why don't we go down to dance. So we quickly changed clothes and rushed down to dance on the disco floor. This was a great ending of a great week.
9th November 2000
I got up at six and got my luggage ready. Then I went down for breakfast. I was not very hungry but took some fruit to take with me for the day. We then had a special session for instructors with Deepak. Not all of us were there as some had left the day before. The session lasted maybe an hour and a half. After it was over I gave Deepak a tape I had brought with me with a documentary called "Killing time" on it. Then Sheereen and I had to get our luggage and see whether our taxi had arrived.
I had talked to Canna and she told me that she would travel with Leonor. They were sent a minibus arranged by Ravi Mehra. They were to go to a hotel in Delhi before leaving for the airport. I asked whether there were some seats left and yes there were. It was a 9 seat bus and they were only a group of 5.
I went outside to talk to Sheereen. She was waiting for the taxi, but it did not show up. A friend told us that it might not come at all as the man had not given us the licence plate number. So I said to Sheereen that we could travel with the others, and she agreed. I was very glad of this arrangement as the bus was comfortable, air-conditioned and now I did not have to wait at the airport by myself but could accompany the others. I considered this another gift of the Universe.
We arrived duly in Delhi. It was a city full of pollution and cars and I did not like what I saw of it. The hotel was very nice though. By now I had a huge headache. The tension in my body had turned into a migraine attack. Fortunately one of my fellow travellers was a healer and she did a healing for me. Sheereen left us at seven o'clock. She was to spend another day in Delhi as she was on a quest to find her father's house. We hugged goodbye.
I felt a bit better and we went down for dinner, but it was too late for me. My system was too tense and after having eaten a bit I excused myself as I needed some fresh air. Unfortunately there is no fresh air in Delhi so I got real sick. Everybody was very nice to me and they all helped me. At 22.00 we went to the airport in taxis. The driver, after understanding my situation, told me to take off the ring with the pearl as it only increased the sickness. He said he specialized in palmistry. So I put the ring in my pocket. 15 minutes later I felt much better. At the airport everything went very smoothly because one of the travel companions turned out to have a special pass as he was a frequent flyer.
We now had to go through several security checks and then could wait for the plane in peace. I felt much more relaxed now I had arrived at the airport. I just had been very much stressed out at the idea of missing this plane. I suppose I just wanted my family back
The flight went very smoothly. We slept most of the time. On arrival in Paris I took a deep breath of the cold fresh air. That was lovely. I said goodbye to Leonor. Then I went to call home. I got my daughter on the phone, but she could not hear me as there was something wrong with the phone. I got very distressed and the strange thing was that nobody even seemed to notice. I sat down in the hall waiting for my plane and cried, there were fellow travellers all around me but nobody spoke to me. I knew for sure that in India people would have come to help me, but here all the neatly dressed people with their attaché cases were very busily engaged in other business. However I do not judge this behaviour, I just noticed it.
On arrival in Amsterdam my parents were waiting for me, as Erik had to work. I had sent a little prayer to the Universe asking he may come home a bit earlier today. We took the train home and had to change platforms. And who do you think was waiting on the other platform? Yes, quite right, my husband Erik. He had gone to work, he is a teacher, and arrived at school with the pupils, however the person with the key to the building did not show up, so they all went home. Except Erik, he went to collect me at the railway platform he supposed I would be passing by. Another gift of love from the Universe. I was very happy to see him and bolted into his arms. At home I took a turn about the house. I was wondering about this house filled with unnecessary objects, materially we seem to be in want of nothing. Spiritually though I know I must get on with my quest to peace of mind.
At noon I took my bike and went to collect my children at school. I was so happy to see them again, and they were glad to have mummy back. Now I needed to recover from this trip and I slept for a week. India was wonderful, the seminar was wonderful, the people were wonderful, the weather was just lovely, but it felt good to be home again.