DAGPAUWOOG The butterfly is the pure symbol of transformation and metamorphosis. In ancient Christianity traditionally the butterfly was the symbol of the soul. Through their lovely colours and joyful fluttering, butterflies seem to dance through life rather than to fly. They remind us not to take life too seriously. Whenever we see a butterfly, we are touched by their beauty; they give us a feeling of lightness and joy. They dance and seem to enjoy it. Whenever a butterfly crosses our path, it reminds us that we can also dance our lives. We can feel joyful. We may be colourful. Why walk when we can dance?
One rather cold day early march 2000, I randomly followed a couple of English tourists who entered a tiny church in an English village where time seemed to have stopped completely. A few days before I had wanted to visit the church, but had found the door locked. Not this time. I followed the couple into the church. The man reverently took off his hat before entering. Inside was a small bazaar, selling things of the parishioners. I watched round. The couple soon went out again. I noticed all kinds of different cushions were hanging in the pews, they had been neatly embroidered in lovely colours. One even more beautiful than the next. Clearly a lot of love and dedication had gone into the making of them. I decided to stand in the aisle and take some pictures of the cushions.
Kerkvlinder The entire atmosphere of the church breathed the country calm and the love of the people for maintaining this atmosphere and I felt very peaceful. Standing in the aisle I positioned my camera, while doing this out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving on the floor. I watched to see what it was. Fascinated I saw a butterfly which walked out of a pew and halted right in front of me. About 50 cm in front of me it stopped and then unfolded its wings. It was a beautiful peacock butterfly. I took a picture of it and knelt beside it. I don't know why but extended my hand. Quietly the butterfly walked on to my hand. I sensed like there was no separation between her and me. We were simply one. I walked out of the church and extended my hand next to some shrubs, the butterfly flapping its wings and danced off. Deeply touched, I watched her go. I understood the Universe had just given me a sign. The clues Mother Nature gives are very important to me. This was no exception. If the butterfly and I were only one, this meant that time had come for me to start dancing through my life. Time had come to display my colours, to no longer stop the transformation of my soul, but to dance into the future joyfully and lightheartedly. Full of confidence and love, on the strength of my own two wings.
To honour the symbolism of the butterfly and to thank Mother Nature and the Universe, we named our website Leela Butterfly. This reminds us that we are part of this cosmic play, that we may dance and enjoy our lives joyfully. We hope that every person visiting our site will be caught by this symbolism and will start dancing their own life just as we did previously. Namasté.