Remember? Spirituality to me is returning to the source. Which source? Well the source we all come from. That source of pure silence. That silence which is inherent to nature. We little humans are part of nature, we are not as special as we think, we have the idea that we are because of our so well praised intelligence. We think that we have to use that intelligence all the time. And so we do, constantly. Because we have been doing that for centuries, we now have houses and central heating and computers and aeroplanes. Wonderful. Nothing wrong with that. But that is not all. There is so much more, but we cannot find that by rushing, by earning loads of money and spending it, we cannot find that by thinking incessantly.

There is such potentiality hidden inside us, yet we can only use it if we consent to putting our left side of the brain on hold. We do have a right side lob you know. It is not sitting in our skulls for nothing. However we seem to use it barely. Alas that side is not being stimulated in our society, not in school, not at home, nowhere. The right side of the brain corresponds to our feelings. Feelings are massively being denied and repressed. And that is why spirituality is so necessary, because that is what connects us to our feelings and our intuition. The reason for there being so much of stress and health problems is that we do not listen to our feelings. Signals and signs of our own body are being denied. That is so terribly crooked: you see, on the one hand our body is of the utmost importance in our society, just take a look at the magazines. We have to be beautiful and trendy and hip. On the other hand we are taught to repress the functions of our body. We are not allowed to burp and fart because that is considered very bad manners. So the outside of our body is allowed to exist and the inside is being denied. Isn't that complicated? Yes, exactly my opinion. Well, feelings happen to be on the inside as well and are not allowed to flow. So we are allowed to make up and look nice, because that looks so well cared for, but you do have to wear a smile to go along with it, because who wants to see a crying Barbie doll? I'm making a joke here, but I do think it is very sad, because I'm sure you'll recognise the following example: people who have lost a person they loved. Like that woman I met recently who lost her 27 year old son last year due to a completely sudden heart attack. For over a year she did not cry. And what did the people surrounding her say? That she was so brave! What do you mean brave? Who has invented for us to be brave? On the inside feeling torn with grief and on the outside the picture of bravery? My dear ones, this is just sheer nonsense. Do you feel sorrow? Then cry, scream, yell and howl. Out with all this emotion, otherwise you'll get ill. Everybody knows the expression of being ill of grief, but the expression is wrong. It should be: being ill of repressed grief!

Think about that for a while.
Martine Clausen

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