I read last weeks column again and I just want to start by saying the following: I can't see through a millstone. I just tell what I have learned and what has been helpful to me, because I so much want to see people happy and joyful. I would like to share my happiness and bliss. Just to make you see that life can be fun. It can become magical, a wonderful experience for everyone.

Alright, after this intermezzo I'd like to return to the search for fulfilment. Imagine you sense a nagging, gnawing feeling inside. That is unpleasant and undesirable so we eat a sack of Mars bars. While munching this lovely chocolate we feel good. Once the sack is finished we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, disgust, self-criticism, dissatisfaction and what not. So obviously that was not the solution. Nice try, but not very effective. To give yourself a sense of fulfilment it is not a good idea to literally fill yourself up whether with liquor, or food or cigarette smoke. To find fulfilment we must, and yes I now use the word must, stop and be silent. We come from the realm of silence. To rekindle the memory of silence we must therefore start with switching off the noise. How do we do that? It's easy really. We just sit down and close our eyes and are silent. You may call this meditation, however that is just a word for it. We people have invented language but that is not adequate. In fact words are not available to describe the feeling of pure being. This state of pure relaxation, so much deeper than after a good nights rest. This state of peace, of total serenity, we do not know it so it is hard to describe. Yes but, I hear you saying in the distance, (do you know them the yes but-kind?) yes but whenever I sit down and close my eyes all kinds of thoughts fill my head. Well of course thoughts fill your head. That is only logical. Your whole life you have been used to think about 50 to 60 thousand thoughts a day, and then you decide one day to sit down with your eyes closed and of course at first the thoughts keep coming up. At the beginning. That is one of our conditionings. But the nice thing of conditioning is that you can also condition them out of you again. How? By sitting through it. Just do it every day for half an hour in the morning and half an hour before dinner. Just sit down and close your eyes. Do thoughts enter your head? Let them. Imagine them to be like clouds calmly drifting by. Let them go, don't think about them. A time will come that you discover that the sky brightens. You'll find that the sky is of a dazzling blue. You have gotten in touch with your essence again.
Martine Clausen

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