Once upon a time, long, long ago,before the beginning of time, even before the beginning of space, there was nothing. No planets, no sun, no moon, no stars. There was only Emptiness. Or Fullness. The eternal nothing. There was only That. That was the infinite potential for everything. There was everything. The Universe was.

For how long the Universe had been there we will never know. We mortal beings can only exist by contrast. We know something is light, because we also know when its dark. The Universe just was. Infinite, unbounded, being. We catch a glimpse of how it feels to just Be, when during our meditation we enter the domain of pure silence. We then enjoy the inner peace which relaxes us so profoundly.

Why do we enjoy this so much? First, because this state of being reminds us of our source, Pure Consciousness. Secondly we can enjoy this, because we know the contrary of the feeling: the stress and the rush, the rat-race of everyday life. So through contrast we are able to compare.

The Universe could not compare, it just lay there Being. In fact the Universe started to get bored. It's wonderful to simply Be, but in the long run this can become quite monotonous, can't it. So the Universe started to wriggle and twitch a bit. Out of sheer boredom the Universe started to play. What happens when we start to move? Friction is created. The Universe loved the friction. That was a wonderful new experience to her. So she continued to create lots of friction, so much in fact that this resulted into an enormous BANG. The BIG BANG. OHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. The sound of the Universe , the very first primordial sound was born. The first vibrations found their way. The Pure Potential of the Universe resulted in that from which everything else was created after this: vibrations. We human beings, the earth, the stars, the clouds, everything is nothing other than vibrations. And it's all the result of the enormous BANG.

So we exist thanks to the play of the Universe. Not only are we a part of the Universe. We are vibrations and therefore we are the Universe. All of us individually and all together we are the Universe. In India the play of the Universe is called Leela.

We honour the Universe by giving our website the name of her play, Leela, which led to our thrilling existence. We thank the Universe for her infinite organizing power, for her miracles and for her joyfulness. We bless the Universe because we are a part of her play. We hope that every person who reads this will also discover the play of the Universe and will surrender to this play. It is the gateway to the field of infinite and unbounded possibilities. Open the gateway and enjoy!