"It would be nice to write a column on spirituality. It is necessary those days and the newspaper reaches a large audience. But anyway, which paper would print such a column?" Thus I spoke to the reporter who had come to interview me on a sunny winter morning. "Why not my paper?!" he replied with a smile. I looked at him in surprise. Are you serious? And yes, he was. So there I am, typing away on my computer. What do you mean with spirituality you may ask yourself. Good question! Let me give it a try to explain it to you then. According to the dictionary spirituality is the non-material. And yes, to me spirituality means that there is more to this life than we are being taught. There is more than we can perceive with our eyes, with our five senses for that matter. As from our early youth we are being taught things. From everywhere we are covered with knowledge and rules on how to behave and all kinds of non-written codes. Our parents, schoolteachers, family, neighbours, friend and foe. Everyone has their opinions and they seem to agree on one thing: learning is essential. So we learn how to read and write at school and all kinds of other things that in general are considered to be very useful baggage for "later on in society".

Not many people seem to understand that on arrival on this planet we already have knowledge ready at hand. That in fact, we adults, can learn from our children. Why? Because they are so much closer to the source we all come from than us. We have been formed and shaped and shaved for so many years that we are not even able to find our own essence, our inner being. Even worse, we have forgotten it exists altogether. That is why it is so great to hold a baby. Small babies don't Do anything they just Are. And we are not. We are constantly doing things. We have forgotten to just Be, but the memory to that Being is stored in every single cell of our body. We are caught in the rat-race of society. We have jobs, great careers, we get caught in traffic-jams and are rushing away. Well, not everyone, surely, you may think now. No, perhaps not everyone, but the vast majority of people. Where else does all this stress come from? We HAVE to do so many things right? We need jobs, we need money, then we must spend the money on the appropriate houses, cars, designer clothing, designer dogs, vacations and heaven knows what else we must do.

Spirituality to me is returning to the source. Seeking the silence we seem to have forgotten.

Why is that necessary? I'll go into that next time. See you then.
Martine Clausen, S.D.D. (silly daydreamer)

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